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Are you ready to become a wedding planner?


Are you considering to become a wedding planner? How much do you know about this career? To give you a glance about a wedding planner’s life, we’ve prepared a small quiz for you to test your skills! Let’s do it!

How do you deal with unforeseen situations?

a) I get totally lost with that! (0 points)

b) I usually take a deep breath and try to solve it in the best way I can. (1 point)

c) That’s not a big deal for me. I’m totally used to it and I can handle it.  (2 points)

How good are you when it comes to negotiating?

a) Well, I try it, but it doesn’t always work for me. (0 points)

b) It is all about coming to the right terms with the other part. (1 point)

c) Well, I usually get what I want through hard negotiations.(2 points)

Do you consider yourself a detail oriented person?

a) Not really, I usually have people to do it for me.  (0 points)

b) Yes, but I usually look more at the big picture.(1 point)

c) Sure! And I work with checklists all the time to not forget a single thing! (2 points)

What do you do if something does not go as planned?

a) I completely loose control. (0 points)

b) I check what happened, why it happened and then I’ll make a decision about it. (1 point)

c)  I check what happened, why it happened and then I’ll do my best to stick to the previous plan. (2 points)

How do you deal with stressful situations?

a) I freak out! I let the others solve them for me or I try to postpone my decision for as long as I can. (0 points)

b) Well, it is not something that I like, but I try to solve it. (1 point)

c) I take a deep breath and do my best to solve it in the best way I can. I’m very creative to find good solutions and I like to involve my whole team to solve problems together. (2 points)

Do you consider yourself an organized person?

a) No, my house and/or office are a mess.  (0 points)

b) For some tasks, yes. But sometimes I can’t help to do some mess when I’m in a rush. (1 point)

c)  Yes, I love organizing. (2 points)

What do you think about working on weekends?

a) No, thanks. (0 points)

b) It is ok, as long I can take two days off during the week. (1 point)

c) It doesn’t make a difference for me. I can organize my schedule so I have some breaks as well during the week.  (2 points)

Do you like to meet new people and team working?

a) People? Not really. (0 points)

b) Dealing with people can be stressful sometimes, but it is always good to have good friends and good partners in business. (1 point)

c) Hell yeah! I learn a lot from the others and I simply love meeting new people, making new friends.  (2 points)

How much do you love weddings?

a) I like to go as a guest – ONLY! (0 points)

b) Weddings are nice. I loved planning my own wedding. (1 point)

c) Really passionate about them! (2 points)

Check out the results:

Wedding Planner: Brigitte Kater – Belgium

*First photo credit: Wedding Planner – Cecilia Pineda Rosas – Mexico

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