Pilu Delgado

Daughter of Diplomat parents, Pilu Delgado has moved all over the world, experiencing all cultures. This has become a great asset as Dream Events Worldwide S.A. works 3 countries right now. Based in Guatemala, working weddings in Spain during the summers and introducing their business into the US Metropolitan Area. Pilu started working events around 2004, while she was working for music and cultural events. Muse, Madonna and U2 were some of the clients she worked for in Spain.

Moved to Guatemala in 2010 and was already a Certified Wedding Planner Business owner by 2013. The motto of the company is clear: EXCELLENCE and TRANSPARENCY. Our philosophy is that everyone is entitled to a Wedding Planner as long as you have your feet in the earth and are aware of your limitations.

Speaker at The Special Event on January 2016, brought "Weddtrending" and Neuromarketing to the US Market for all Wedding Planners. Founder of "Let's Get Married Cocktail!", a new way of breaking the Market in Guatemala, where the Wedding Planner business has become more important in the last 5 years.

Dedicated to #WorkingLoveAllOverTheWorld.

pilu delgado wedding planner

  • Wedding Planning
  • Destination Wedding
  • Multilingual speaker
  • LGBT friendly