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How to become a Belief Awards rockstar


We have reached the 8th Edition of Belief Awards and one thing we know for sure is that the dispute is getting more intense! We’ve selected a few tips and strategies to help you to achieve the best results on the Awards. Check it out and submit your entries!

  1. Get some inspiration from the press

On the previous editions, we’ve got featured in many magazines, websites and wedding blogs around the world. Try to analyze what type of weddings they choose to illustrate their articles, what are the cover images of the articles, etc. Of course, we know that every work is unique, but with this, you can get a sense of what types of weddings draw more attention. Some of our judges are from the press, so it is important to examine what kind of content they are looking for.

  1. Social media is a good thermometer

Take a look at your own profile on Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest and see what types of images are more popular amongst your followers. Do the decor images have more engagement? Or are the photos of the couples more popular? Does your public have a favorite color? You can also take a look at Belief’s Instagram account and check which images get more attention from the public.

  1. Talk to your photographer

We also have photographers as judges of the Belief Awards. These professionals usually have a very accurate critic sense and they’ll also judge it technically. So, if you have time for it, talk to your photographers and check with them which photos they think that are the best for you to submit. Their opinions might also be a good parameter – especially for the Special Photo Category. Remember what we’ve talked about wedding planners and photographers working together?

Fabio Fistarol, co-founder of Belief and photographer, is also giving a few hints to choose the images on our Facebook Group. It is also a good way to learn a few tips from an expert!

  1. Choose something unique

What makes your work unique? Belief Awards offers you the chance to present it to the whole world. So, when you are selecting the images, try to think what makes your work different from other wedding planners or even other countries. Does the region where you work have different rituals or traditions? Perhaps an awesome scenario or landscape? Does the couple have something different to show? What made the wedding you want to submit so unique? Do the chosen photos illustrate this? These might be some good questions to ask yourself while you are submitting your entries. Also, take a look at other members’ work and try to analyze how it differs from yours (this doesn’t mean that one is better than another – it just means that they’re different and that’s what we’re looking for!). After that, you’ll probably be able to choose the best of your portfolio.

  1. Read the rules of Belief Awards

We take Belief Awards seriously. So, photos with logos or watermarks will be disqualified – judges are supposed to analyze the entries impartially! Also, check if the date of the wedding is accordingly to our rules. And believe it – we have received some of them in the previous editions! So, take a good look at our rules and show us the best of your work!

Are you ready to become a winner? We have also prepared a check-list for you to submit your entries! Check it out now!


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