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styled photoshoot

Styled photo shoot: how to create a great one?

A styled photoshoot is also a good way to show all of your potential as a wedding planner. “When planning an actual wedding, it is not always possible to express our own’s creativity at 100%. The shooting

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how to negotiate with couples

How to negotiate with couples

Does the phrase “can I have a discount?” gives you the creeps? Well, our first advice is: calm down! It is really important for wedding planners to know how to negotiate with couples and to show how

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Royal weddings x Real weddings

Can you imagine guests taking selfies on William and Kate’s wedding? Or a royal wedding without seating plans? What about vendors taking lots of photos during a royal wedding setup? We can see that

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5 steps to become a leading company in destination weddings

Who doesn’t want to become a leading company in destination weddings? Well, we can definitely say that most wedding planners want to become a leader in its business. So, we brought a few tips from

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Inspiring LGBT weddings around the world

On 2016, the former president of the United States, Barack Obama, declared June as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Pride Month. At his proclamation, he declared: “I call upon the people

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How to make a great outdoor ceremony?

Many couples dream of having a perfect outdoor ceremony. However, to have your big day without concerns, we’ve prepared some special tips: Choosing the right venue The first step to having a perfect

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Wedding events: does it work for you?

Throughout the year, there are many wedding events popping up around the world – bridal shows, expositions, workshops, and so on. But are they worth it? To find out about it, we’ve talked to a few

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Five hot tips to get featured in the press

Have you done a wonderful wedding and want to show it to the entire world? Being featured in the press is a good way to spread your talent. Here, at Belief Wedding Planners, we’ve been featured in

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wedding planning

6 reasons why wedding planning costs what it costs

Wedding planning is probably the first service you’ll hire for your wedding – and because of that, it might be also the first impact of values that the couple will have while planning their big day. But

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wedding planners awards

Belief Awards: 25 amazing images you’ll love!

The 6th edition of Belief Awards was just amazing! At this time, the online contest for wedding planners had winners from nine different countries and it also gained a new category: People’s Choice.

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