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6 reasons why wedding planning costs what it costs

Wedding planning is probably the first service you’ll hire for your wedding – and because of that, it might be also the first impact of values that the couple will have while planning their big day. But

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Belief Awards: 25 amazing images you’ll love!

The 6th edition of Belief Awards was just amazing! At this time, the online contest for wedding planners had winners from nine different countries and it also gained a new category: People’s Choice.

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8 wedding stationery that will make you fall in love

The wedding stationery is the first impression of a wedding. The save the date or the wedding invitation should always give to the guests a glance of how the wedding will look like. If you have not decided

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Belief Awards is now open for public voting

Belief is always up to some good news! For the 6th Edition of Belief Awards, we have a new category: People’s Choice. With this, from now on, you’ll be able to invite your clients, partners, and friends

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Destination wedding in Guatemala

Have you ever thought about a destination wedding in Guatemala? If not, you should consider it!  According to the wedding planner Pilu Delgado, there are plenty of beautiful and magical places to be set

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Are you ready to become a wedding planner?

Are you considering to become a wedding planner? How much do you know about this career? To give you a glance about a wedding planner’s life, we’ve prepared a small quiz for you to test your

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15 top decors for beach weddings

Charming, sophisticated or romantic? How do you want your beach wedding to look like? If you still haven’t made up your mind about it, we’ll give some inspirations from gorgeous beach weddings

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same-sex wedding - how to avoid heteronormativity

Heteronormativity: why you should avoid it

It is very usual to see wedding magazines and other publications on this area referring specifically to brides. But have you ever thought that with this language might be a little excluding? This is what

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Valentine’s Day: 8 creative ways to celebrate if you’re engaged

Valentine’s Day is always a date to be celebrated – specially by couples who are about to get married. If you are tired of doing the same kind of things every year, we’ve prepared a special

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proposals season

Proposals season: are you prepared?

Christmas, New Year’s Eve and Valentine’s Day seem to be a very profitable not only for commerce but also for the wedding industry. At this time of the year, the number of proposals usually increases,

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