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Belief Awards is an online contest created to celebrate Wedding Planners, and Wedding Coordinators around the globe. The main goal is to spread the talent and ideas worldwide and to honor the professional’s knowledge and experience.

Categories of Belief Awards

Wedding planners can participate in 5 (five) categories:
Wedding Concept: featuring great wedding experiences;
Special Photo: created by a unique and impactful moment, detail or design.
Destination Wedding: explore beautiful destinations and places all over the world
Cultural Wedding: presenting elements of a wedding ceremony or reception from their cultural backgrounds
Black+White: special moment using light and contrast

 Who might participate?

Belief Awards is an exclusive contest for members.
If you are interested in participating on the next edition and is not a member yet, join us now!

 How often does the Awards happen?

Belief Awards will be held 3 (three) times a year.

 Is there a limited number of entries for the same edition per member?

You can submit up to 5 (five) entries in each category. 
You can upload up to 3 entries for free as part of your membership plan. If you decide to participate with more entries, you have the chance to submit 2 more entries per category for a small fee.

Why Participate?

Participating of the Wedding Planners Awards is a great way to make your work as wedding planner become internationally recognized. We also have an intense marketing plan to promote the work of all the winners, which includes sending press releases to blogs, magazines, and websites of the wedding industry. All the winners will also obtain an exclusive badge to use on their website and photos.

 We’ve prepared some tips for you:

    • Each entry for the Wedding Concept Category requires the upload of 3 (three) photos from the same wedding. It’s important to keep in mind that in this category, judges want to understand the whole wedding. The suggestion is to send photos of different moments of the wedding, for example: decor, couple, and details of the event.
    • The Special Photo Category, is the perfect time to WOW the judges with your creativity and ideas registered in a single moment.
    • Destination Wedding Category - Tying the knot is a great idea and increasingly option for couples. We want to see amazing views, beautiful ideas and details from all over the world in this category. 
    • Cultural Wedding Category - Many couples wish to marry in their traditions with wedding elements from their culture, and family. It's your turn, as a wedding planner, to inspire others with beautiful images full of history and a singular meaning!
    • Black+White Category - Light and Love. Full of emotion, this category offers wedding planners and photographers the opportunity to express their talent and creativity in their own terms. 
  • Use images from the official photographer of the wedding. Good photos will help you to present your work with quality and increase your chances to be a winner. Don’t send your entry with cell phones photos or images in bad quality, this will not be fair with your own work and you’ll be downgraded from the contest.
  • Don’t submit your photos with logos or any kind of picture collage, otherwise your project will be downgraded. This rule is meant to keep all the participants unidentified, which makes the judgment process more neutral and impartial. When the winning projects are announced, all the credits for the photographers will be given.
  • Images must be: 72 dpi / size no more than 500 kb / long edge should have at least 900px and no more than 1500px


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Wedding Planners Awards

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