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Belief Awards is an online contest created to celebrate Wedding Planners around the globe.
The main goal is to spread the talent worldwide and to honor the professional’s knowledge and experience.

Belief Awards 2018

9th Edition

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10th Edition
Entries: Sep 01 - Oct 17

Judge Panel

Winners will be selected by a panel of judges selected by Belief Wedding Planners.
For every edition we invite new judges as we want to always to have fresh eyes. Judging is subjective, but we have guidelines to help them to make the best choice.
Make sure you select the best images that shows your ideas and talent.
Talk to the photographer, ask their opinion and work as a team.
Most important, trust your instincts and in yourself.



The wedding planners can participate in 5 (five) categories:

  • Wedding Concept: featuring great wedding experiences;
  • Destination Wedding: explore beautiful destinations and places all over the world
  • Cultural Wedding: presenting elements of a wedding ceremony or reception from their cultural backgrounds
  • Special Photo: created by a unique and impactful moment, detail or design.
  • Black+White: special moment using light and contrast


Members have up to 15 entries for free as part of their membership plan.
You may enter up to 15 extras entries for an additional fee (rules for more info).

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