Giovana is a Brazilian Public Relations and wedding planner. Began her career in 2006 and currently lives in New York / USA. Convinced that the world is too big for always staying at the same place, she created Belief Wedding Planners with the main idea of integrating Wedding Planners from all continents in one place.

Can I get more personal now? 🙂

It was hard for me sometimes, because when my friends as teenagers were figuring out what they wanted to be, I was totally decided to work with event planning. And you know, work with event it's not a career.. (tsc tsc) 
Nope!! It's a carrer and a damn good work to do. Stressful sometimes, but incredible amazing.
I tried so many times to be in touch with wedding planners from other countries that I lost my count. I had just two or three successful meetings.
When I moved to NY with my family, I was decided to explore networking even more. Again, it wasn't easy!
I didn't understand and accept why, wedding photographers for example, were so engaged and planners not. 
So here we are! Belief makes me proud, I can networking with amazing planners from all over the world, we can stimulate members to get along for real (participating of weddings in different cities) and promote an international contest so they can be recognized for their ideas and work!
I love what I do, and work full time, 24/7 with Belief and couples makes my heart smile.
And for you who is reading, take a chance! If you are not finding something that fill your soul with happinness, create by yourself!
I'm happier than ever. <3 

Giovana Duailibe

Fabio is an incredible wedding photographer in NY / USA. 
His experience in the wedding industry with different ideas complements the creative side of Belief.
For us, he is also our brain! Everything related to our system and the website is his creation or his fault! Lol

Passionate about music, design and sunsets.

Fabio Fistarol

Graduated in Journalism, also holds a postgraduate degree in Marketing. Began her career at an online newspaper and bookstore. After that worked on digital marketing strategies for several brands, such as Walmart Brazil, insurance companies and hotels. Owns a blog about weddings, where she likes to share ideas and inspirations about this theme.

Passionate about weddings, writing and travelling.

Marina Pastore