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When I used to live in Brazil, I had a dream to meet other wedding planners so I can learn with their experiences and also make new friends. It was back in 2011 when I was traveling to Miami and I sent a couple emails to local wedding planners inviting them to grab a coffee. For my surprise all 3 people that I talked said no to me as they didn’t like to talk business with competitors. Yeah… this is true story! I was angry about that and choked! I knew that there was a lot of people like me all over the world and that we can grow together. I put my idea in my vision board and let it there. It was in 2015 when I was already living in New York that I decided that was time to bring to life the best, boldest and amazing community of wedding planners. Tons of support, promotion, exposure, learning and for sure growth. I’m proud of our journey so far and look forward for what is coming!

Giovana Duailibe


Connect. Inspire. Learn. Grow.

What makes us different

Belief encourages wedding planners who do good, do better.

We are here to connect, learn, inspire and grow your business. You won’t find in us the tradition of an association, neither a school with classes. At the same time where you will have access to incredible and exclusive content, you will also be able to share all your knowledge with other wedding planners. It’s a win-win game. We are crazy people ready to take over the world together. Most important, you will find in us an amazing and supportive community. No competition, and instead of that you will find collaborative projects and bold ideas.

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Belief Team

The best blend of dreamers and doers.
The best formula for great connections and results.

What we can do for you:

  • Grab a coffee together in different countries
  • Promote you worldwide
  • Grow your business through a supportive community
  • Visit your country and promote it to other people
  • Push your business to the moon
  • Rethink your branding strategies to make it bigger and better
  • Enjoy a “caipirinha” together (aka the best Brazilian drink)
  • Connect you with the right people
  • Be friends in the real life
  • Make a difference in the world together

We are a group of experienced PRs, designers, strategist and crazy people ready to take over the world for good.

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