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5 reasons why you shouldn’t participate of Belief Awards


No, we did not go nuts! The entries for Belief Awards are open now  and we decided to make a list of reasons why you shouldn’t submit your work. And you should really pay attention to this (we are not joking…or are we?)!

  1. You’ll be featured in the worldwide press!

Oh, My Goodness! That’s terrible! I don’t want all of these paparazzi in front of my house all day long!

We’re just kidding, of course! The truth is:  as a winner of Belief Awards, you’ll get a chance to be featured on blogs, websites, and magazines from all over the world! And that means your talent will be spread worldwide.


2. Be able to say “I am an internationally awarded wedding planner”

Well, you might be thinking “well, that is too smug or snippy for me”…and we say that this makes all the difference to your clients and even to differentiate yourself from other competitors in your region.


3. Boost your business

“Nah, my business is fine…I don’t need more clients”. Well, what can we do about it?


4. Learn from other professionals around the globe

Belief Awards is a good opportunity to see ideas from all over the world and to learn from other wedding planners…unless you are “Mr./Mrs./Miss Know-it-all”…



  1. Strengthen your relationship with other vendors

With all this promotion of your work (and the vendors who worked with you, especially the photographers),  it is a good opportunity to strengthen your relationship. Unless it is not important to you to have them by your side…


What are you waiting for to submit your work to the 7th edition of Belief Awards? Participate now!

First photo credit: Wedding planner: Alessandra Marchetti | Photo: Amanda Drost

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