Anna Laudanska

Crete, Greece has been my home for the past 12 years. How did it happen? Simply, I fell in love with a Greek guy and he convinced me to marry him and move to Chania – known also as Venice of the East. Today I know that this is one of the most beautiful towns of Greece with its history, scents, flavors, colors and nature that takes your breath away! There is sea, various beaches, mountains, olive or orange groves and food you can die for. Crete is chic, rustic & wild!

Looking back at my past I would say that rich wedding experiences were always my thing. I got married to the same man twice: once with a civil marriage in the Town Hall and a year later in the Orthodox Church. Living in Crete, you will understand how important and popular weddings and family events are in this part of world. Cretans love big weddings. Anything around 200 people is still considered to be as a small and intimate event. Can you imagine that just recently, I had an honor to coordinate a wedding for 1.000 people with 200 guests flying in from all over the world?

After many years of working in sales departments and hospitality sectors, {Crete for Love} was a natural stage to introduce my style of living and thinking into the organization of destination weddings and romantic events around Crete I love and still discover.

{Crete for Love} it is a family business based on bonds of trust and high quality. We simply know the local Cretan market at its best and thanks to our international roots and experiences we have managed to find and collaborate with real professionals.

Me and my team speak fluent Greek, English, French & Polish.

Among us there are anthropologists, architects, photographers and translators.

I love working with people and see how they feel happy and well taken care of!

Planning a wedding or a private event, it is always emotional and very personal moment for {Crete for Love}.

Me & my team, we really hope to see you in Chania & island of Crete, Greece soon!


  • Wedding Planning
  • Wedding Design
  • Coordinating
  • Destination wedding
  • Multilingual speaker