Belief IWP is an international network for wedding planners and grants membership to themost talented professionals in the industry. To join us, it’s important to read all the instructions below before applying:

Who might be a member of Belief?

Planners, designers, and wedding coordinators are welcome here at Belief Wedding Planners. To join us, it is important to be a professional for at least twelve months until the date of application form has been completed. We also require that you put full-time hours into your business, not just as a hobby. The Belief Wedding Planners membership is for individuals – not for groups, teams, businesses or couples. But we do offer special discounts for members of the same company. The main goal is to promote networking between professionals and to build strong relationships and promotion. All the applications are reviewed carefully and up to five days, we’ll contact you to give feedback. Belief IWP reserves the right to decline members who do not correspond with our ideals and philosophy. If your application isn't approved, your payment will be partially refunded.

How to fill in the form?

The form is the only way we have to know your work better – so it’s very important to fill it carefully and completely, as requested. Check out some recommendations:
- Submit us your social media link as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. It is also important to inform your personal profile on Facebook – so that we can invite you to participate in our closed group;
- Keep your website updated in order to provide complete information about you and your career for followers and possibly new clients.
- Write your description very carefully – the main goal is to present yourself and your experience as a wedding planner. Tell us about your qualities, expertise, where do you work and your career – that is what couples look for in Belief’s website. Remember that it is not an ad – just imagine that you are telling your clients about yourself or talking to a colleague about your work. You shouldn’t include your phone or e-mail – the website and your social media channels will be displayed at your profile page.
- After you fill in the form, we’ll contact you. If your application is accepted, you’ll have to send us a photo of yourself and images from your portfolio. It’s recommended to use images taken by professional photographers or with a good quality – these pictures will be shared on Belief Wedding Planners website and social media channels. For your own picture, we do not accept the logo of your company and you must be alone.


Once a wedding planner is accepted as a member, he/she will be representing Belief IWP throughout their membership term. Due to that, we have a few guidelines that should be followed. Read the Agreement Terms to see all the recommendations for members.